Out to Lunch…for just a few weeks


ImageQ:  Are…are you breaking up with me?

A:  It’s not you, it’s me!

God how many times has that convo been played out in bars, coffeehouses, restaurants and living rooms (or bedrooms!) around the world?  Yikes!

Well, I’ve been off the grid these last couple weeks because I took a MUCH NEEDED vacay to the Ozarks to reconnect with my roots.  Firstly, I saw my kinfolk (as they are wont to speak in the South) and got to see my awesome aunt, uncle and my equally awesome cousins and their even more awesome kids.  They are real people—funny, generous, full of advice (solicited and unsolicited) and living life to the fullest.  Thanks for the visit!

I also got to visit the farmhouse and grave of one of my all-time favorite writers, someone I have adored since I was a little girl.  Seeing her beautiful farm, sparely decorated home, the ruins of her creek house and her bright, cheerful kitchen reminded me she started writing at age 65.


That is almost double my age, but I feel time pressing on me to finish my own book, the one I started in earnest back in February.  I’ve often heard it said everyone has a book in them, and this one is trying its damnedest to come out.  It’s a short ebook about my spectacular crash and burn as a young nun.  I feel like I have to write this because it was a strange, almost surreal year and I simply have to talk about what would compel (or possess) a young, educated, healthy American girl to join the convent in the twenty-first century.  It’s a real story, one I can still hardly believe I lived.

So I am not waiting until 65 like Laura Wilder.  I’m taking the bull by the horns and writing my story while it is still recent history, not a dim memory.

To accomplish that, I have to lay off the blog for a few weeks while I bust my butt to get it done.  I’m not going away forever.  Just need to concentrate on chasing this dream and I’ll be back!

❤ ❤ ❤


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  1. I like reading about your goals. You’re way more motivated than most of the people I know. Lately I am working on cooking dinners which don’t involve just throwing chicken nuggets in the oven.

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