I Can’t Fight This (Euro)Feeling Anymore


ImageI don’t know what it is.  Maybe it’s summer and I have the travel bug I cannot quench (again) this year because of my budget.  It could be that my dear (American) friend got back from 10 lovely days in Europe.  Or perhaps another dear (American) friend is home visiting for the summer—she teaches in a French school.  I am freaking jealous of all of them!!!  Whatever it is, I’ve reached my breaking point.

I want to go back to Europe.  Permanently.

Don’t get me wrong—I love America.  Most of all, I love that this is where my family and friends are.  I love our industriousness, our friendly and casual attitude.  Our goofy sense of humor.  Breathtaking beauty from the Grand Canyon to the Great Plains to the Carolina shores.

I haven’t been to Europe in almost seven years, but it is getting to the point my heart aches when I wonder if I will ever get back.  Not to visit—to live.

What is the attraction for me?  It is simply that they live better.  The food is better.  Conversations are deeper.  Architecture is magical.  Every day there is something new, each day is a gift.  Public transportation is accessible.  I love being the “foreigner.”  Colors are brighter, the sun is more fantastic and the clock slows down so that you are lulled into the cadence of seasons ebbing and flowing rather than crossing days off on a calendar or working for the weekend.

I simply can’t fight this feeling anymore.  I want to go back.

Now, how the hell do I do that?!  I have almost no idea.  Short of actually maiming my loved ones or giving up my kitteh, there isn’t much I wouldn’t do.  I can’t play the marriage card so I will have to get clever.  I really think my best bet is figuring out how to do a job to support myself over there.  What that looks like or how it will manifest myself I don’t know.  But I do know I need to put my nose to the grindstone and figure out what the best way to get back there is.

I mean, I have quite a few American friends who are over there living the dream of their lives, while I’m back here in the States dreaming of that life.  It has been on my heart for some years now to just go back over and make Europe my permanent base of operations.

Why should I keep dreaming?  Why can’t I make it a reality just like the million or so Americans living in Europe did?

Stay tuned for my updates for Operation GMABOT (Get My Ass Back Over There)!!!


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  1. WEll well, you do have a blog 🙂 Yeah check out Visas. There might be one you qualify for. Or if you have a particular job skill, you could get sponsored by a European company to work over here for them. You should also be able to find specialist visa/migration companies in the US to talk to. They’ll be able to tell you. Sometimes they have questionnaires on their website too which you can fill in and see if you’re eligible for something. This might be worth a look at http://www.talentscotland.com/workers/moving-to-scotland.aspx

      • Oh no, I used one to come here myself. They should have at least be able to tell you if you qualify without having to fork over any money. But it always helps to research a couple I guess, there could be dodgy ones too. I used one because I had a bit of a complicated history with my surname and I didn’t want to mess up any paperwork. I heard that if you make a mistake it can just ruin your chances so I wanted the peace of mind of having a company do it for me. They had a no fee policy if it didn’t work out, so it was in their interest to make sure all was in order. Anyway, give it a go, there’s nothing to lose 🙂

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