Chick in the Back Pew—Church #5


ImageSeries Note:  I was raised Catholic but I have hit the point where I cannot justify going to Mass anymore.  I disagree too much with the church’s rigidity but still want to find a place I can call my church home.  One of my New Year’s goals is to visit a new church every 3-4 weeks and along the way I will rate what I thought of the service based on criteria that are important to me.  I will not give the name of the entire church because these folks are nice enough to welcome me into their place of worship.

Church Name

G— S——- Presbyterian




Was I welcomed?


  • This is hands down, by far and away, the most WELCOMING church I’d been to.
  • I tried to be unassuming, but I failed miserably.  Everyone was wearing name badges and I got hugged my multiple greeters.  I am certainly not a huggy person, but I thought it was sweet.
  • It was a smaller congregation and I was obviously the visitor, but more than one person said they “hoped to see me again.”  And they said it liked they meant it.



  • Neither great nor awful.  No cantor, no fuzzy modern worship songs.



  • The story was Daniel in the lion’s den and the sermon was “roughing it.”
  • When making a decision about what God wants in your life, do it in this order—discern, pray about it, then rough it, as in just shut up and DO IT already!



  • About 150-200 people at the service.  Once again, I was the only one I could see in the 27-45ish age bracket alone and without children.  You’d think I’d be used to this by now…
  • No singles ministry.



  • Perusing the bulletin, they had Bible study, Sunday school, mission trips for kids, groups for retirees.  But not much for younger adults.  But I am assuming because it is summer it was pretty quiet.



  • Very Caucasian in keeping with the demographics of this particular part of town.
  • A very old congregation.  They had a section cordoned off for families with young children, but the side of church I wound up on I was the only blonde in a sea of white hairs.  They were very sweet, though.

Service time

72 minutes.  I actually stayed the ENTIRE service.  Most because there was no communion and I couldn’t easily duck out.

Miscellaneous notes

  • Church is only a block from my apartment.  Always a bonus.
  • I sat next to one particularly sassy, ornery woman and it was her 84th birthday.  I told her she didn’t look a day over 83.  All the “blue hairs” were very, very, very sweet.  I quite enjoyed them.

Would I return?

  • Yes.  I still can’t get over how nice the congregation is, though I would have to do some reading up on Presbyterianism and what it is all about.  It is a pity they didn’t have more activities.



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