Paul Blart & the Asian Male Prostitute


ImageI was at work last week.  I was in the back and heard my manager open and shut the door.  Curious, I came out onto the floor and saw her talking to a slender Asian gentleman, who is usually NOT the demographic who shops in our store.  I asked her what he wanted.

“He said he wanted to earn some extra money, so he is working as a male escort.  He wanted me to give his number out to the employees.”

Now, I have worked retail off and on over the years and have never heard of such a thing!  I looked at a crumpled up piece of paper.  On one side was the name “Minh,” and a phone number.  On the other side was “$50 incoming/outgoing calls Sun/Mon/Tues.”

I picked up the phone.  “I’m calling security.”  My manager pleaded with me not to, but I pointed out what the man did was solicitation and not legal.

The mall cop was at our store in less than a minute.  We described what he was wearing and the mall cop left to find him.  What we later found out was the Paul Blart called Minh and left him a voicemail saying it was mall security and please call back.

Not only was Minh dumb enough to call back, he was dumb enough to give his real name!  Mall security informed him what he was doing was solicitation as he had visited several stores.  He was banned from the mall and if he showed up on mall property, it would be considered trespassing and he would be arrested.  Minh was dumb enough to say, “So how long am I banned from the mall for?”


Paul Blart got the final word in.  As he was telling us the epilogue to the saga, he said, “Imagine if this guy was dumb enough to call us back, give his real name, admit what he was doing AND ask how long he was banned from the mall, imagine how bad he must be in bed!”

I hate to say it, but he is absolutely right.  ICKYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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