I Sold My Soul and Renewed My Lease


ImageFor the most part, I like my apartment.  It is in a lovely area of town and I enjoy going out for walks and jogs.  My apartment faces south, I get plenty of light.  My cat adores our balcony, I like the high ceilings, the gym and pool are nice, I have a dishwasher and washer/dryer, which were all things I didn’t have at my last place.  There is plenty of parking, it’s a safe complex and the maintenance is good.

That being said, there are some things that SUCK about it.  The rent is awful high, the corporate office that runs it is staffed by bastards, the walls are thin, for some inexplicable reason there is a big-ass MIRROR right in front of my kitchen table and the mofos who live above me have a little yippy Yorkie I would like to run over with my car.

A couple weeks ago I was woken out of a dead sleep at 3 am by a car alarm that went off every few minutes.  To make a very long story short, I caught the bastards on film, left them a very nasty note on their windshield, complained to the office and posted the evidence on Facebook.  The apartment supervisor lied to me (she said the car belonged to a resident—it didn’t) and the FB administrator must a a 16-year-old because they said, “U 9sic) had time to make a video of the car alarm, u should have called maintenance about the problem.  just saying.”

The straw that broke the camel’s back is that they want to jack up my rent 4%.  In all my renting history my rent NEVER increased from year to year!!!

Because bastards run my complex, I tried desperately to find another apartment.  I am trying so hard to get out of debt but it is nigh on impossible with such high rent.  I looked on craigslist and I already hate doing that because there are SO MANY skeezy people on there.  I didn’t even hear back from ¾ of the people I contacted.  One “couple” wanted to rent me out their “personal condo” even though they wouldn’t let me tour it.  (Can we say s-c-a-m?)  Another couple wanted to rent me one bedroom of their townhouse they lived in with their two children while they rented out the other room.  (Can we say c-r-a-m-p-e-d?)

I looked at other places and one landlord was a complete slimeball and the other apartment, while nice and close to work, was in a REALLY bad neighborhood.  It set off my security gland, I just couldn’t bear the thought of living in a neighborhood I didn’t completely love.  I also crunched the numbers and while I am paying more in rent than I should, the cost of ponying up another security deposit, first month’s rent and paying movers negates any money I would save.

So it is rather reluctantly I am re-upping for one more year here.  I know I can talk down the 4% rent hike a little bit, so it won’t be quite as bad.  Like I said, this place has a lot of plusses, but just enough minuses to suck.  That gives me even more motivation to get out of debt and by my own place.  In the meantime, I will enjoy living here and try not to pay to much heed to the bastards in the office or the fucking Yorkie upstairs!


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