Chick in the Back Pew–Church #4


chicks in hatsSeries Note:  I was raised Catholic but I have hit the point where I cannot justify going to Mass anymore.  I disagree too much with the church’s rigidity but still want to find a place I can call my church home.  One of my New Year’s goals is to visit a new church every 3-4 weeks and along the way I will rate what I thought of the service based on criteria that are important to me.  I will not give the name of the entire church because these folks are nice enough to welcome me into their place of worship.

Church Name

C—– U—– Methodist




Was I welcomed?


  • There was only one entrance and we had to stand and wait in line for the ushers to shake our hands.  The line moved very slow.  That annoyed me.  A lot.
  • I was warmly greeted by other churchgoers during their equivalent of the sign of peace.



  • Organist also played the piano.  Simply phenomenal.
  • Didn’t care for the soloist, but she also did a duet on the bells which I’d never seen before.  That was fascinating!  How does that work?



  • Easily the high point of my visit.
  • The pastor had a charming, folksy rural Kansas drawl.
  • He connected the forthcoming Man of Steel movie to the mythology of the superhero to Jesus.  Done deftly and with a lot of humor.



  • About 200 people at the service.  I was the only one I could see in the 27-45ish age bracket alone and without children.
  • No singles ministry.



  • Perusing the bulletin, they no bible study, no singles ministry, no groups of any kind for adults.  L



  • Very Caucasian.
  • Not many families.  The congregation’s median age was well above the other churches I have visited.

Service time

52 minutes.  I ducked out after communion.

Miscellaneous notes

  • Tricky parking lot.  I was stuck a long time waiting to pull into a parking space because I was bottlenecked behind cars letting elderly relatives out in front of the church.
  • The church smelled really funky.  Like mothballs and damp.  Reminded me of my grandparents’ house!

Would I return?

  • No.  I regret that because I really, REALLY wanted to like this church—I have friends that go there.  The pastor was exquisite and the music was nice.  But the congregation didn’t have the vibe I was looking for and not enough community activities. L

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  1. This is genius! I have struggled with the idea of religion for my whole life. I wasn’t raised in a church or with must religion in the house (although I often say that with the amount of guilt I feel in my life, I’d be a natural Catholic). In my adult life, I’ve tried out a few churches and have found positives and negatives in each. My struggle is more with whether or not I believe, but I’ve found in my 10 years in the Midwest that there is a certain social draw to church even if you are on the fence.

    I look forward to more of your reviews, as it may help me define what I find imperative in a church.

    • I really appreciate your comments, Lisa. It means a lot coming from a witty lady such as yourself! Even though I am an ex-nun, I am not particularly religious. I do believe in God and read the Bible most days, but I am looking for a church for the social aspects than anything else. As you know, we Midwesterners like our churches but even living in my own hometown after being gone a few years, there’s still a disconnect. I don’t know if you’re impatient like me–I wanna find a good church like NOW–but unfortunately this process takes time and it’s not an exact science. There are lots of good people and lots of good churches–it’s just a question of finding the one that’s the correct fit for YOU, right? ❤

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