I Didn’t Even Know There Was a 5 A.M. Mass. I Didn’t Even Know There Was a 5 A.M. What Else Haven’t You Told Me!?


ImageThat quote was from an early (first season?) episode of Family Guy.  Chris, the not-so-bright elder son, is amazed when his grandfather takes him to Mass.  Four hours before school starts.

Like Chris, I am not a morning person.  I roll out of bed about 5:30 twice a week to go jogging, but other than that I sleep in until 6:30 on weekdays and 8ish on the weekends.  I require vast amounts of caffeine to get me revved up and going, and most of my co-workers know when I’ve had my first cup of coffee.

I listen to enough motivational podcasts to know being a morning person has a lot of benefits, but I myself have never given it much stock until about a week ago.  I had a bit of an epiphany.

I spent a whole day in bed.  Literally.

I went to a 9 am Weight Watcher meeting, but then I got home, slept till about noon, then played on my iPad literally ALL DAY.

I felt lousy.

While we all need to put our feet up from time to time, I really hated that feeling of accomplishing so little in a day.  It actually made me depressed because I did so little.  What did I have to show for it but a couple games I have played dozens of times?  Nothing!

While this is another post for later in June, I am still so far off achieving my New Years goals and instead of working towards them, I farted a whole day away.  No grants were written, not one page of my book was typed, no miles were run.  I didn’t even go grocery shopping, clean or any other weekend activities.  Instead, I stuffed my face and didn’t do a blessed thing!  I physically felt awful for having done so little.

I berated myself for a bit, but I am going to take this as a learning experience.  During this week, I am going to get up at 5 am every weekday and see what happens.  I plan on reading from my yearly Bible and working on my book.  I am going to use the quiet time to also read and work on the eBook I plan to have finished by Labor Day.  On the days I am supposed to exercise, I will hit the running trail just a little earlier, when it is still actually dark outside.

This is taking me out of my comfort zone but I think I need a mid-year shakeup to jolt me back to my New Year’s goals.  They are not impossible goals to achieve, but I need to reconnect with why I wanted to do them in the first place to make as much headway as possible.  This will require even more caffeine than usual to get me going, but I think this will be time very well spent and I will post you on the next blog what I learned and if it is something I will keep up!


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