Are You Being Served, Ma’am? Would You Like My Head on a Platter?


ImageI don’t know what it is about my retail skills but I seem to attract vampires.  People out for my blood!

It was a Friday night and I’d worked over 13 hours.  We had a fussy woman near my age in looking for crops.  I showed her what we had and she pooh-poohed all my suggestions.  As I couldn’t do anything to make her happy and there were other customers in the store, I tended to them and made sure the store would close at a reasonable hour.

Well it was 9:20 and Customer was still in the store (mall closes at 9).  I’d already counted the register three times, straightened, prepped the trash and I was exhausted.  I listened to Customer babble on and on about how she worked for the State and she needed clothes.  Not once did she apologize for keeping us 20 minutes late, and she giggled, “Oh!  I’ve kept you late!  Well, here are coupons for MY store!”  Apparently Customer worked retail and even though she wasn’t the least sorry for keeping us late, we had coupons for her store!  Well, whoopty shit!

She also asked for and wrote down our names.  For what purpose, I didn’t know.

After Customer left the manager, who I am on good terms with, said Customer wouldn’t stop complaining about me.  Customer claimed I walked away from her, that I wasn’t helpful.  Customer asked if I was new (after 6 months, the answer is NO!) and made disparaging remarks about the neckline my v-neck t-shirt.

Well, you know what I did?  Her customer associate number was on the coupons.  I called HER store first thing Monday morning and complained to the manager about what a rude customer she was.  I mean, to keep us at the store so late without an apology and then having the cajones to brag that YOU work in retail?  Really?  Customer was a bully and I’m frankly sick of bullies.  I gave her manager an earful.

I don’t know if that did any good but I feel better for having done it.  I stood up to the bully and I pushed back.  And if she comes in my store again, I sure as hell am NOT waiting on her.

(Post script—I have worked at the store several times since this particular incident and managed to NOT get yelled at, so I must think I’m not the worst salesperson to walk the planet!)


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