Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day to My Awesome Mom


ImageI just wanted to take a quick opportunity to wish my mom a happy Mother’s Day!  She is pretty awesome and here are five reasons I love her:

  1.  She comes from an amazing family.  She gave me amazing grandparents, a kickass aunt and uncle and a pretty cool clutch of cousins.  They are a down-to-earth, fun bunch of folks to be around and they have made my life richer in many ways.
  2. Her faith.  While I do not subscribe to her particular faith anymore, I admire her devotion to the religion her ancestors have practiced for generations!
  3. Her determination.  While my mom is shorter than I and I would never consider her large, she joined Weight Watchers and lost about 40 pounds.  She has made considerable life changes to keep trim and fit.  I joined myself a year ago and lost 25 pounds.  Though I hate getting up to go to Saturday morning meetings, she keeps me on track and she is my inspiration!
  4. Her brain.  Mom is a voracious reader and of course she passed it down to me.  Granted I don’t read as much as her especially since I’ve taken more to writing, but that is certainly one quality I didn’t get from my father!
  5. Her love.  She’s supported me when I made some odd choices and when I’ve been sick.  She is the first one cheering me on at a new job or at graduation.  She’s just there in a way no one else is!

Love ya, Mom.  Not only for Mother’s Day, but every day.


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