Chick in the Back Pew–Church #3


ImageSeries Note:  I was raised Catholic but I have hit the point where I cannot justify going to Mass anymore.  I disagree too much with the church’s rigidity but still want to find a place I can call my church home.  One of my New Year’s goals is to visit a new church every 2-3 weeks and along the way I will rate what I thought of the service based on criteria that are important to me.  I will not give the name of the entire church because these folks are nice enough to welcome me into their place of worship.


Also, instead of letter grades I am changing to a scale of 1 to 5.  One is awesome down to a 5.

Church Name T—— Lutheran
  Grade Comments
Was I welcomed? 2
  • I was greeted right away by folks handing out programs.
  • Pastor made it a point to welcome guests in his opening remarks.
Music 3
  • Cute kids sang a portion of their upcoming operetta.
  • Very good musical accompaniment.
  • Lead singer was off-key in a number of places.
Sermon 4
  • I didn’t catch the month’s series, but this sermon was about the importance of the tiny word “If…”
  • Again, I wasn’t paying the closest attention but it was something about if God the Father loves us so much, why do we sin over and over?
  • I didn’t find the minister particularly engaging.  Not terrible, but I just wasn’t drawn in as much as other places I’ve been thus far.
Singles 2
  • There were maybe 300 people at the service; but I saw very few single adults.
  • I saw in their bulletin they have an active singles group for 30-45 year olds—just the age demographic I was looking for!
Ministries 4
  • Pursuing the bulletin, they offer a lot but in conjunction with other Lutheran churches—bible study, golf, card playing, youth groups, singles ministry…
Congregation 3
  • Some diversity, but not much.
  • Toddlers up to people clearly in their 90s.
  • Lots and lots of families.
Service time 72 minutes.  And I even ducked out after communion!
Miscellaneous notes
  • Tricky parking lot.
Would I return
  • No.  They are a particular denomination of Lutheranism whose policies I really struggle with.  I am baffled why they don’t have that posted anywhere in their literature and only mentioned in during their sermon in passing.

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