Why You Can Call Me “Pixie”


ImageAs I posted earlier this week, I got my poor, tired, shoulder-length hair hacked off into a cute blonde pixie.  This flies in the face of the “conventional wisdom” I read online regarding pixie haircuts.  Well, let me give you five reasons I got this haircut and why I think all ladies who are NOT size 2 gamine-type chicks with oval faces should consider getting the pixie:

1.  IT IS JUST HAIR.  It WILL grow back.  Seriously, it is just a haircut.  Even if it sucks, it grows back.  It is not a tattoo; a haircut will not haunt you forever.  Well, bad bowl cuts ARE immortalized in your sophomore yearbook, but that’s different 😉

2.  I was tired of my straight, listless hair and wanted to change it up in a big way.  And no, contrary to popular belief, you CAN do things with a pixie cut.  Spike it into a faux hawk, slick it back, use bobby pins or headbands.  I would like to buy a hairpiece with peacock feathers in it just because I think it WOULD look cool.

3.  It gives me the chance to look edgy at work without being too over-the-top.  My full-time job is in an office setting so I have to be somewhat conservative, but this is fun.  Not many women my age have hair this short, so I do stand out in a crowd.  I am actually working up the testicular fortitude to get a tattoo, but that is another story for another day.

4.  I jog and there is nothing more I despise I hate than having hair on my neck.  Let’s face it, mes amis, short hair is just easy.  I don’t have to blow dry or even really brush a pixie cut—just a dab of product and I am good to go!

5.  Not having hair to hide behind is allowing me to take other risks.  I have all these great earrings I never wear and am now dying to take them for a spin.  I got some fire engine red lipstick to go with this new look.  I already mentioned a tattoo is in the works.  Basically, it is ME out there and people are free to take it or leave it—I don’t care.

Has anybody out there done anything drastic with their look?  I’d love to hear about it!


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