See Boston Run. Run, Boston, Run.


ImageThis has been the sad week in the United States.  Despite overwhelming public support, the Senate cannot get their act together to pass legislation for background checks.

An explosion in West, Texas kills 14 people, many of them first responders getting people evacuated from an exploding fertilizer plant.

And the story that has gripped the nation’s attention more than anything else—the Boston Marathon Bombing.  The story from start to the unraveling end is like something out of a movie.  It will be months or years, if ever, before we get the answers to the question why?

All I can say is Boston showed its grit and determination this week.  They came together to hunt down the alleged perps.  They will not be bullied or cowed into giving up the marathon.  There is no question the 2014 Boston Marathon will go on.

 Boston is not running away from its problems.  Like the responders in West, they run toward the danger, toward the problem to help those in need.  I think a lot of us can take a page from Boston’s book.  When the dark side of life rears its ugly head, do you run away in fear or plunge headfirst toward the problem?

I know my tendency is to duck and cover, but Boston and West have both given me a lot to think about.  God grant rest to those who lost their lives, hope to the survivors and wisdom to those of us left to ponder.


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