Chick in the Back Pew—Church #2


ImageSeries Note:  I was raised Catholic but I have hit the point where I cannot justify going to Mass anymore.  I disagree too much with the church’s rigidity but still want to find a place I can call my church home.  One of my New Year’s goals is to visit a new church every 2-3 weeks and along the way I will rate what I thought of the service based on criteria that are important to me.  I will not give the name of the entire church because these folks are nice enough to welcome me into their place of worship.

Church Name St. M______ Methodist
  Grade Comments
Was I welcomed? B
  • I was greeted right away by kids holding doors and shaking hands.  Very sweet.
  • Worshippers were expected to greet people around them.  A 13-year-old with a candy pacifier shook my hand.  REALLY!?!
Music A-
  • Excellent band—drums, guitars, bass and a wonderful (male) vocal soloist.
  • There.  Was.  A.  LOT.  Of.  Singing.
Sermon A
  • The difference between seeing God as “I” and “Thou.”  We can see God in an egocentric way and just have a laundry list of requests in our prayers.  “I need this, I need that…”
  • Or, like a long-distance relationship, we make time to spend with God and keep the lines of communication open, or the “Thou” component.
  • Like a parent who gives and gives, he must be tired of all the egocentric requests.  When was the last time we just listened to what He had to say?
Singles C-
  • There were maybe 500 people at the service; I was the youngest adult I could see who was alone.
  • I didn’t give it a lower grade because I know there is an active singles group.  If I work up the guts I sure would like to see what all they do and go on some outings with them.
Ministries B
  • Pursuing the bulletin, they offer bible studies, tai chi, a singles group, youth group, Boy Scouts, grief support group, Sunday school, men’s groups, liturgy meetings…I was pleased at the broad spread.
Congregation B-
  • Not much diversity.
  • Newborns up to people clearly in their 90s.
  • Lots of families.
Service time 71 minutes.  Did I mention there was a lot of singing?
Miscellaneous notes
  • A lot of people there were chewing gum.  Am I a prude to think people shouldn’t chew gum in church?
  • It was Youth Sunday so there were teens giving testimonials about mission trips and a youth choir and band performed.  It looked like the kids were heavily involved in the church.
  • This was only my second Methodist service but it is relaxed theology I could totally roll with.
  • Parking lot was nearly impossible to get out of.
Would I return
  • Yes, I think so.  Maybe to a Saturday night service or the traditional/contemporary worship service at 9:00?


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