Chick in the Back Pew—Church #1


ImageSeries Note:  I was raised Catholic but I have hit the point where I cannot justify going to Mass anymore.  I disagree too much with the church’s rigidity but still want to find a place I can call my church home.  One of my New Year’s goals is to visit a new church every 2-3 weeks and along the way I will rate what I thought of the service based on criteria that are important to me.  I will not give the name of the entire church because these folks are nice enough to welcome me into their place of worship.


This is very hard for me to do because I am ABSOLTUELY NOT AN EXTROVERT and going alone to churches is weird and uncomfortable, especially since I am still in the Catholic mindset.  I may not want to be Catholic anymore, but old habits are hard to break and this is going to be a process for me.

Church Name S——- Luthern
  Grade Comments
Was I welcomed? A
  • I was greeted right in the parking lot by an older woman
  • Greeters to shake hands at the door
  • Worshippers were expected to greet people around them
Music B
  • Good band—2 guitars and drum set
  • 4 singers stood on altar facing congregants—that weirded me out
  • Soloist was fantastic
  • Good blend of new and traditional songs
Sermon B+
  • Very personable pastor.  When we were expected to raise our hands and no one did he joked, “Your saying to yourself ‘Wait!  I’m Lutheran!  I’m not supposed to interact with the sermon!’”  LOL!
  • Great message from James 1 about taking our Vital Signs.  We don’t want our medical vital signs to be taken (weight, cholesterol, etc.) because that means we’ll learn something that means we have to step out of out comfort zone and change.
  • God gently calls us to step out of the comfort zone and to change.  That is part of the journey.
Singles D
  • Including me, I counted 4 people who were unaccompanied adults who looked to be under 40 in a service of 75ish people.  Boo.
Ministries B-
  • Pursuing the bulletin, they offer bible studies, sewing for the missions, men’s groups, couples’ retreats, hospital visits, classes for kids, a café to meet people in, a thrift shop…
Congregation C
  • Not much diversity
  • It was cool there were several folks in wheelchairs they accommodated for
  • Broad age spread
  • Nice 5-minute kid sermon
Service time 62 minutes
Miscellaneous notes
  • It was awkward because when they were taking up the collection plate I was sitting in a back pew all alone.  The usher walked all the way to the center where I was.  I didn’t move a muscle to make eye contact with him or dig for money.  And he stood there for 10 seconds with the plate expecting me to give money?!  That was really uncomfortable for me.  Sorry, sir, I am just a visitor!  Yikes…O.o
  • Freaking huge parking lot.  I had to hit my car alarm to find it.
Would I return
  • Yes, I think so.  Maybe to a Saturday night service instead of 8:30 Sunday morning?

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