2013 Begins Lean & Mean


dont-wish-for-a-great-20132012 was a good year for me.  I lost 25 pounds, ran two 5Ks, landed a good job with benefits in my hometown and I paid off all my credit card debt.  Because 2010 and 2011 were not kind years for me, I took a stand and  wasn’t good enough.  So with hard work, luck and I’m pretty sure God’s hand was guiding me as I blazed through the year.

Because 2012 was such a kick-ass year, I have goals for 2013 to make it an equally monumental year.  Following Dan Miller’s methods from the 48days.net community, I developed specific goals for the year to come.  They help me focus on reclaiming my health and developing my career as a writer.  I want to share what my goals are for 2013 so that I can hold myself accountable and see how they stack up at year’s end.

1.         Continue the weight loss journey with Weight Watchers.  I would like to lose 1.5 pounds a week to get to my goal of 145 by December 31.

2.         Enroll in and run three 5Ks.  To reach that I will continue to run three times a week for 2-3 miles so long as my back allows it.

3.         Get out of the house once a month to attend a cultural event:  art exhibit, first Fridays, concerts, lectures, whatever.  It gets me out of the house in spite of my introverted tendencies and enriches me artistically.

4.         Visit a different church every 2-3 weeks in the quest to find a new church home.  It would be nice if it had a solid singles’ ministry seeing as that is where I am in life.

5.         Continue to blog twice a week.

6.         Finish my first book documenting my year in the convent and figure out a way to market it.

7.         Volunteer grant writing for a local women’s homeless shelter.

8.         Listen to two to four podcasts a week in my car to improve my general knowledge.

9.         Keep taking Financial Peace University until I pay off my car and am 100% DEBT FREE!!!

It’s the middle of  January and I have not done a bad job so far meeting my goals.  Like I said, I fully intend for this year to be a great one.  Here’s looking forward to the good that is yet to be!


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  1. Love the Star Trek pic! In addition to our Victorian obsession, both of the Vicky A Girl’s are HUGE Star Trek fans. We even have Star Trek-themed license plates on our cars. Both of us.

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