Second 5K in Two Months (part deux)



According to the local paper, over 5,000 people had come to the run.  I was shocked at the multitude of ugly-ass sweaters.  People made their own, some wore tutus and jammies.  Others wore kilts, stockings, antlers, lederhosen…One group of eight all wore antlers and even hitched themselves up to a shopping cart with an inflatable Santa.

That takes coordination and dedication!

It was such a more party atmosphere than my last 5K.  People were enjoying inflatables, beer, admiring one another’s goofy costumes.  No one I saw was drunk and everyone was just in really high spirits.  We all got pint glasses, fake ‘staches, vouchers for two free beers, and Santa Claus hats.

My friend Angie was literally chomping at the bit to go.  She had an awful sweater with cats on it courtesy of her hairdresser.  Now, Angie is weighs almost half what I do and I was secretly worried because even though I have worked so hard to lose weight, Angie could run circles around me…and she was literally doing just that at the starting line trying, to stay warm.

They let us go in waves of 1,000 just so that the foot traffic wouldn’t be too bad.  Angie and I got a good pace going and I apologized for my slow pace, but it didn’t seem to bother her in the least.

We kept a great pace going and there were hydration stations (hot cocoa) along the way.  We bypassed those and focused on the route.  One joker, dressed like Will Ferrell in “Elf” would press up against parking meters, stretch so that we had a view of his magnificent bum and scream, “Ahhh!  That feels SOOO GOOOD!!!”  He was doing it just to be funny and I don’t know about anyone else, but he cracked me up!

This was the first time I’d run, well, ever, with another person.  It is so much more pleasant to run with a good friend instead of impersonally building a wall around yourself with an iPod.  I took advantage of the luxury of a running partner to laugh at running stories, make fun of other people, comment on the terrain and listen to her jogging tips.

It started to snow just as we were in our last mile.  At first we were like, “Awww look at the pretty, pretty flakes.”  Then it started coming down in little pellets, which hurt like you wouldn’t believe!  Angie sprinted to the end and we took pictures of each other at the finishing lines.  I finished in 40:52, or 2.5 minutes faster than last month.

I never thought it was possible to have that much FUN on a 5K.  Everyone was there to have a great time, and I don’t think I saw a grinchy person.  The line for the beer tent was hundreds of people at the end of the lunch, so Angie and I opted for margaritas, which, let’s face it, are just as good.

All in all, I’d say the race was a success.  I hadn’t laughed that hard in a very long time, and I got to do it in the company of one of my dearest friends.  I am going to take a two or three month hiatus from jogging and do some cross training on a stationary bike, mostly just to change things up and give my poor lower back a break!  But the goal for 2013 is to run three 5K, which I fully plan to do and look forward to it 🙂

Like my “after” picture?  LOL


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