Open Letter to My Upstairs Neighbor


Your Yorkie Barking Is

Dear Third Floor Neighbors with the Yorkie Yipping and Howling Every Morning and Night When You Take It Out,

Your Yorkie is amazing.  It is so loud and relentless, it actually woke me out of a dead sleep not only at 6:45 A.M. on Christmas Eve morning, but also after only 5 hours of sleep on Dec. 23rd.  Awesome!

This is exceptionally rad as I work three jobs, seven days a week, and need what little sleep I can get.  Wicked awesome!

We all are very impressed with your super cool little dog that barks when it’s home with you, without you, and when you take it out to do its business.  I can hear it from an entire block away.  Don’t even think about trying to control it when you live in a building with dozens of other people and pets who are way quieter and need their sleep, too.

–Your Envious Neighbor


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