Non-skinny girl running!


ImageThe woman in the photo is not me, but she is just about the same size I am.  I admire anyone my size who can haul butt jogging!  After five months of training, I ran my first 5K Nov. 27th.

If you had told me nine months ago I would train for and successfully RUN a 5K, I would have laughed in your face.  If you had told me my body would physically crave exercise if I didn’t get it and that I actually experienced runners high I would have told you to get your head tested.

But yes I ran my 5K.  It was the Jungle Bell 5K to support the Arthritis Foundation.  Santa was there as were to real reindeer  Is it sad to say I am in my mid-30s and have never seen real reindeer before?

My parents, sisters and youngest brother can to cheer me on.  I think I was more excited about them being there than anything else.  For months they’ve listened to me yammer on about running and now they were going to see the fruits of my labor for themselves.  It also really touched me that my siblings would get up early on a cool, cloudy Saturday morning to watch me haul ass in my first 5K.  Their good wishes and support certainly meant more to me than anything else!

We got to the starting line and I heard someone say, “Timed runners, get to the head of the line!”

Oh that was ME!  I was running for time!!!

The gun went off and we started running.  I can’t even imagine what we all sounded like because all the runners got bells to wear on a silken cord.  Most of us were wearing them, plus many of us had bells in our shoes, in our hair…some girls wore tutus and many men wore Santa hats.  I didn’t hear any of it, though, because I had my trusty iPod and cranked up the Latin tunes I love running to.

As I was running the flat terrain, I saw an older man about 70 years old and wearing a bright yellow jacket  about half a block in front of me.  He was jogging at a slow but steady race.  Cocky little me thought I’d pass this guy—no problem!

To be continued…


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