I Changed My Mind


This has got to be one of my favorite meme pictures…as a cat owner, there’s just something utterly irrestible about a cat in a tie—mostly because my cat would scratch my eyes out if I tried to put one on her!

I have been AWOL from my blog for six weeks.  A lot has happened since then…I’ve been flourishing in my new job, I’ve moved into my new apartment and I’ve taken up jogging and I lost 15 lbs.

I’d originally started this blog with the intention of being a plus-sized advocate but my focus is changing.  I lived with my parents for a spell before I moved into my new apartment and it brought me into close contact with my adult brother.  I love my brother, but he is killing himself.  My guess is that he weighs close to 400 pounds and I know he has sleep apnea, but I can only guess what other health problems he has.

My brother is an adult.  There is nothing I can say or do that will make him want to lose weight or adopt healthier lifestyle habits—that has to come from him.  I can only control myself and I have made the choice to lose weight.  I can set a good example for my brother, but mostly, I am doing this for me.  I am 67 pounds above what the upper weight for my height is.  I am pre-diabetic, I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and I snore really bad.

It took years to get to be this size and it won’t come off overnight, but I have taken what I hope are meaningful and sustainable steps to get my weight under control and get healthy:

  • I joined Weight Watchers.  My mom and sister have each lost over 30 pounds on it and look great!
  • I have been doing the Couch to 5K podcast.  I just finished week 7 of 9.  There are lots of versions out there but Robert Ullrey’s is hands down the best:  http://www.c25k.com/podcasts.htm.
  • I signed up for my first ever 5K in November.  I am by no means a fast runner that doesn’t matter—just knowing I can run it is enough.
  •  I have been fanatical about my grocery shopping and recording everything I eat on my Weight Watcher app.  Pasta and portion control are my two huge downfalls, so this holds me accountable to myself.

As I mentioned I’ve already had a measure of success.  I am down 15 pounds since August.  The scale doesn’t lie even if my clothes don’t fit any differently.  I’ve decided to put my ultimate weight loss at 102 pounds total, so 15 down, 87 to go.

I will keep blogging about running and WW to hold myself accountable.  Plus, I miss writing so much!  I’m excited to see where Curve Your Enthusiasm in the next few months and I hope you will check in with my weight loss goals and encourage me in my efforts!


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