Summer footwear part 3


Ah, flip flops.  People love them and I’m not sure why.  Maybe because the clacking sound they make when you walk is oh-so hypnotic.  Maybe it’s because they are so easy to wear; the style goes back thousands of years.  They come in hundreds of colors and styles.

People say they are very comfortable, although I beg to differ because I certainly would not walk a mile in them.  You can get flip flops for just a few bucks at many retailers, but some of those shoes are so painful they hurt me just to look at them.  I am willing to spring a few extra dollars for comfy shoes.

I had long thought I would never wear flip flops again until I purchased a pair of Børn sandals similar to the ones shown, sold under the b.ø.c. line at Famous Footwear a couple years ago.  I like Børn because they are 100% leather and wear really well.  The pair I bought are still in excellent shape after years of wear and store easily (just be sure to cover the flowers with some tissue paper or paper towel!).  These flip flops have a generous footbed for those of us with wide feet.  The footbed is also slightly padded for extra comfort and offer arch support for those of us with no arches.  The best feature, though, is the big flower at the strap.  It is large enough to cover most bunions and adds such a great feminine flair to the shoe!

While I can’t wear these shoes to my new office job, in a way these flip flops are a miracle for me.  Because of my shame over unsightly bunions and merciless teasing from my sisters, I had ruled out ever wearing them again until I saw them in the shoe store.  While they are not as cheap as many pairs of flip flops, they are well worth the investment in your summer wardrobe and your self esteem 🙂


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