Summer footwear part 2


Let me start with a disclaimer or two.  I am not getting anything from Birkenstocks to promote their shoes.  I also know there are a lot of people who can’t stand Birks.  I remember my Vacation Bible School students, ages 3 and 4 refer to them as my “clown shoes.”  If you don’t like them, that’s OK!  What I want to do is share what I like and what works for me with summer footwear.

Here are the specs from the Birkenstock USA website:

Product Details

  • Upper material: Leather — Thick yet supple leathers without additional dyes to keep the leather breathable, durable and comfortable.
  • Footbed: The original Birkenstock footbed – Featuring pronounced arch support, deep heel cup, and roomy toe box. Footbed molds and shapes to your foot.
  • Sole material: EVA – Flexible, lightweight, durable and shock absorbing.

These are the perfect shoes for me in so many ways.  I have no arches and need all the support I can get, and these deliver–I can walk for MILES in these shoes.  Also as I mentioned last week I have unsightly bunions and the wide straps cover my “sins” but still let me show a killer pedicure.  The main material is leather but still very breathable, and my two pairs of Milanos are durable as hell.  I have had them well over five years and both are still in excellent shape.  How can you go wrong with these shoes?

Yes, these shoes aren’t dressy enough for many offices and of course this style isn’t for anybody.  But if you want a wide, durable, breathable summer shoe that will last you for years, it does NOT get any better than these!

A couple extra tips:

1.  If you have bunions but otherwise narrow feet, you can have a good cobber drill an extra hole in the strap for extra security.

2.  At $120 retail, these are NOT cheap shoes.  I got both pairs of mine on eBay.  One pair was very slightly used for about $40 and the other pair brand new for about $60.  If you don’t know what size you are, it is well worth the time to go to a store and figure out what size you are before you order them online.

3.  If you like sandals without a strap in the back, check out the classic Arizona.  I just like the extra comfort and security of a back strap so I only buy Milanos.


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