Summer is here!


Summer is finally here in the Midwest.  It is getting hot and humid and I am ready for everything summer brings.  Just this weekend I went to my town’s Ribfest and enjoyed being outdoors and live music.

Being a vegetarian, I didn’t eat any ribs (I was never a huge fan of BBQ anyway.  Yes, I know that makes me “un-American”) but really enjoyed being outside.  I am so not an outdoors person, but the weather was cool, there was a spectacular country group playing and I enjoyed catching up with my girlfriend who I went with.  I couldn’t help notice some abominable fashion choices, though, as I enjoyed the live music:

  • Honest-to-God someone was wearing spurs.  I live in a large town.  There are no cows or stockyards.  Why was someone wearing spurs?
  • A mother (?) and daughter (?) were wearing matching broomstick skirts and belly dancers scarves with coins sewn on.  Um, I live in one of the least populous states in the United States.  There are no blonde gypsies.  Period.
  • A blonde woman was shimmying around wearing a one-shouldered taffeta shirt.  Really?  2001 called–it wants its shirt back.
  • Kids walking around with hats cocked all gangsta style.  Again, I live in a sparsely populated state.  These kids looked straight-up ridiculous.
  • Sooooo many jeans with rhinestones on the butt pockets.  Who decided this was fashion genius?

Now, before you think I am 100% catty, there were some really cute fashion items I saw.  Skinny belts with a big sweater.  Adorable sundresses.  Fun t-shirts and darling “going out” shirts.

All in all, it was a beautiful night under the stars with Gloriana playing, a full moon, and a happy town coming out to nosh on ribs and enjoy the camaraderie life in the Midwest affords you.


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  1. We went to town today and while waiting for my husband, I did a little people watching. Later, I asked him to look around and tell me who was the most stylish person in our area.

    His choice was the same as mine: a little girl (probably less than 1 year old).

    Most of the teenagers and adults looked like they just didn’t care – and this was in a fairly affluent area.

    All solid color shapeless clothes. True, there were no bellydancers or gangstas, but a lot of apathy. It’s especially bad with women past 40. Most of the time it looks like we just don’t care.

    Note to self: check the mirror before leaving the house!

    • Isn’t it fun to people watch, Carla? What does that say when a one-year old is the best dressed in the crowd? LOL!
      Granted for the ribfest I was just wearing a cardi and capris but really there is just an astonishing level of…casualness, for lack of a better word :O

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