A few of my favorite things


Since I have been on a t-shirt kick all month, I thought it appropriate to end the month’s postings with one of my wardrobe essentials which is my grey and black t-shirts (see photo which depicts the exact shirt in question).  They are scoop-necked, thick, with sleeves long enough.  They move well, breathe well and have withstood all the abuse I have hurled at them in the 2 or 3 years I have worn them.

I like Gap because it is a brand I loved as a teenager.  I was so excited when Ashley Falcon blogged the carried up to a size XXL.  I snapped up two and I wear them literally every week.  I dress them up with a suit or down with jeans.  I wear them to work and play. I love, love LOVE them.

However, after so many wearings and washings they are getting a little run down.  I was hoping to replace them but a recent trip to a Gap store outside of Minneapolis proved to be disappointing.  I picked up one t-shirt in the hope it would be the successor to my beloved t-shirt, but sadly it falls far short of my expectations.  It is slub cotton WHICH.  I.  HATE.  It’s too thin, not fitted well and it’s just not the same.  Grr.

While it’ll do the trick for $10, I continue the quest for my new favorite t-shirt while fiercely clinging on to what I have–you will have to pry my old t-shirts out of my cold, dead fingers.

How about you?  Do you have a favorite t-shirt and a story to go with it?  I would love to hear it!


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