Article–Real Simple reviews T-shirts


I am a fan of magazines in general.  I like flipping through them, leaving them on my coffee table or night stand.  I love to be able to peruse them at my leisure.  Call me old school, but the tactile experience of paper can’t be beat.  And while I subscribe to several mags, Real Simple is hands-down my favorite.  It’s uplifting, chock-full of wonderful, practical tips for maintaining your home, your life and your sanity.

What I also like is their beauty section.  This month they had a gallery of two dozen t-shirts they recommend for summer with price points starting at $8.50 (Old Navy…will be checking them out as soon as I can head over to our local mall).  While some brands are automatically out of my size range–Vera Wang, Banana Republic, Petit Bateau to name a few–I was intrigued with their photo and description of a Coldwater Creek viscose shirt.  It has diagonal shirring and goes up to a 3x.  Unfortunately I was unable to find a photo on Coldwater’s website and the whole article, as of this posting, is not online.

I recommend you check out the article because in addition to the great t-shirt ideas, Real Simple goes one step beyond and gives a one-page primer on everything you need to know about this wardrobe staple.

  • They run down what necklines go with what body type (though I disagree when they say cowl necklines look good on those of us with er, uh…a full balcony, as the French say).
  • The primer offers a glossary of t-shirt fabrics and the best (not too sheer) white tees but they let us down because the three designers they specifically mention–Lilla P, Banana Republic and Vince–don’t carry past a small XL.  (I am still on my elusive quest for that perfect white T…will I EVER find it?!)
  • Also it analyzes what you get for a $65 t-shirt.  I’m not against paying that much for a t-shirt, but it’d better be damn good!

For more information about t-shirt care you can access ‘The Hole Story’ at



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