First post


I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

  1. I am sick of being ignored for being over a size 6.
  2. I am tired of not having any beauty resources.  Just because I live in the Great Plains (you know, in one of those “fly-over states”) doesn’t mean I don’t care about how I look…I just don’t have access to all the boutiques and designers you find on the coasts.
  3. I am tired of retailers thinking that I will settle for boxy, unfitted clothes.  Nuh-uh.
  4. I am irritated with designers who think I will pay hundreds of dollars for an item.  Hey, I’m into quality.  I even own a designer piece or two.  But I’m on a really tight budget and am pinching my pennies.  I want to look good and not break the bank doing it.
  5. I’m also sick of being ignored in the mainstream media.  I am not in my 20s–I’m in my 30s.  I’m not married nor do I have kids.  I’m not even in a relationship–I’m single.  I’m not a career woman–I don’t like my job and want a change.

I’m blogging beauty, lifestyle tips and even diving into advocacy for women “just like me.”  For the record, I am 30-something, college educated, living in the Midwest, single and employed full-time.  Women of all ages, sizes, occupations and geographical locations are invited and WELCOME here!

Come join me on this new blog.  I look forward to sharing what I have to say and hope you will share with me, too!  🙂


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